John Bardinelli

John Bardinelli


Author and editor with ten years of experience as a full-time freelance writer. Specialization in copywriting, localization, narrative design and script writing for interactive media. Published works include game scripts and articles on technology, gaming, entertainment, gadgets and health.

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Writing & Editing Services

Localization Editing

Edit translated scripts, website copy and marketing materials for a native English audience.


Create marketing copy for press releases, websites, crowdfunding campaigns and advertising materials.

Script Writing

Scripts for game development studios providing a story, background information and world building details. Scripts include dialogue trees, cutscenes and interactive cinematics. Genres include fantasy, comedy and science fiction.

Narrative Design

Work with designers to combine storytelling with interactive media such as online and mobile games. Genres include comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, young adult and general fiction.

Journalism & Content Management

Research trending stories, write product reviews, publish news articles and increase traffic through SEO optimization.

Clients & Publications

Whodunnit App 2014-present

  • Outline and author murder mystery themes for up to 22 party guests.
  • Co-create mystery themes with crowdfunding contributors.

WildFactor 2013-present

  • Localization editing, copywriting, narrative design and script writing.

Nooskewl 2013-present

  • Script writing and dialogue editing.

Co-Optimus 2013-present

  • Tech and entertainment news and reviews writing.

Fancy Factory 2012-present

  • Script creation, copywriting and narrative design.

Casual Gameplay 2006-present

  • Outline content plans to increase traffic and ad revenue.
  • Coordinate a team of remote writers to produce 10-15 articles per week.
  • Manage PR requests, developer contacts and submission requests.

Shanda Games 2009-2010

  • Edited promotional texts for press releases and website announcements.

Elephant Games 2007-2008

  • Created website copy and localized marketing materials.

LoveToKnow 2004-2007

  • Group editor managing a staff of writers to provide content for 12 different topics.
  • Daily articles written on travel, entertainment, gadgets, technology and lifestyle.
  • Content management, SEO research and article writing.
Additional Info
  • 10 years of professional writing experience
  • Staff manager and writing coach for remote workers
  • Lead designer for two group game projects
  • Knowledge in HTML, CSS, image editing, Movable Type and WordPress
  • Design, programming and writing for video game releases
  • BA from Maharishi University of Management, 2005
  • Areas of interest include philosophy, linguistics, history and mythology
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